Pulse CMS v5.3.11 now available!


• Redactor 3.4.1 Added https://imperavi.com/redactor/log/ Including better pasting of text, line breaks, inserting and processing code in tags, lists and many more updates
• Latest Vue.js added which includes improvements for Inline Editing with RapidWeaver
• Editors can now delete items (pages/blog posts/etc)
• Editors can now also upload Media items


• Fix to syntax error in the Forms if a form field not filled in correctly
• Fix for the Manage User Group setting sometimes showing a "Undefined" error https://github.com/yuzoolcode/pulsecms-tracking/issues/143
• Fix for image links in OGP images adding Base URL twice
• The Gal, Masonry, Slider and Thumb tags now take the same arguments
• Lightbox fixes for Masonry, Thumb and Slider tags (Thanks John Robertson for reporting these!)
• Editor user now can create and edit Blog posts without errors

There is deprecated code in /admin/inc/magic.php.
This file is no longer needed:


Thanks, very pleased to see that the issues with editors has been fixed.

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