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Can I make the request to extend or eliminate the time period in which a reply can be made to topics made here?

I have issues that I run into and I search for answers. I see that others have the same issue and often times the answer to the inquiry is that the problem has been fixed without details as to how the issue was resolved.

That is great and all for the original poster but I'm left without answers and I must choose between beating a dead horse by opening a new thread to an already discussed topic or to continue looking for answers elsewhere.

Nearly all the topics are locked. If we were to help each other, we should be able to at least interact.

Not entirely off- topic, but I see sometimes that a user's issue has been resolved with the release of a new pulsecms version. Because of the nature of the CMS's price tag, and sometimes an introduction to a host of new issues, a lot of people choose not to update. A more thorough explanation of what was involved to correct specific issues in a version is warranted. Simply saying a new version has fixed it without documenting what folks can do to fix it themselves if they choose to stick with a version is not very consumer-friendly.


I think it's to minimise criticism.. for example I had a problem with displaying pdfs and someone replied that it will be solved with an update, so it looks good for possible future clients checking out the forum. The update didn't help but I cannot communicate that. I really regret paying money for pulse.


Hey @sean, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. You are right to ask for the documentation on how an issue got fixed. We will take that into account as we continuously work on improving Pulse CMS.

@Burnhard, we usually welcome the criticisms since these can only help us understand what we must do to keep ourselves in tune with what our users need, want and expect from us.

Regarding your issue with the pdf files, we understand the frustation this issue has caused especially when we've informed you that the issue has been fixed in the new version and turns out it wasn't. When that happens, we immediately notify our development team to fix it as soon as possible.

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