Pulse download link

Can anyone tell me why it is so difficult to find a download link for the latest version of Pulse. It’s not like it is of any use without the serial. Surely a download link on the Pulse website would be possible or am I missing something. Both Easy CMS and Total CMS for Rapidweaver are easily downloaded for trialing from Joe Workmans website.

Please try to use the last link provided.

NB: Easy CMS is not available as trial.

Thanks, Jannis

Jannis, what last link are you referring to?

Maybe the download link you’ve got when receiving the license?

Therein lies the problem there was no link included!
Below is all I got
"Thank you for purchasing Pulse CMS!

Here is your serial #: *****************

Enter it in the config.php file to register Pulse.

Get Pulse pre-installed and with optimised & really fast hosting from the official hosting partner: https://pulsecms-engine.com."

But you are already running pulse, right? Well…

Send you a download link to latest version via pm.