Pulse download.php won't allow login

I'm trying to click the download links in the release posts.. but unless I'm already logged in, I just get a white screen

clicking here https://www.pulsecms.com/dashboard.php doesn't work unless I go to https://www.pulsecms.com/ then login

can we get the download php page to request authentication if people aren't already logged in?

Hey! Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I'll bring it up with our dev team and let you know when we have a fix in place. Are you having any issues downloading once you are logged in?

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I can download easy enough from the /demo.php page I'm sent to once I log in at https://www.pulsecms.com/
but that gives me just pulse-core-feb2023.zip

If i click on the Dashboard button, then I can download pulse-core-6-dec23.zip

While we're at it.. if I click on the Pulse logo, it brings me back to the homepage, and then I'm logged out.. probably bc Im logged in at the www. version of the site, but the urls change to the naked domain.

Whoa.. it took me a long time to realize that 6-dec23 was Dec 6, 2023.

I think it'd help everyone if the zips were always named like yyyy-mm-dd

I'll add that in! Thanks for letting us know! This is helpful for us to improve UX! We appreciate it!

Also, the "6" is just identifying the version number. But I like your suggestion! Thank you.

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@yesthatallen This is fixed! Please let us know if you see anything else!

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now when I go to: https://www.pulsecms.com/dashboard.php
I'm asked to log in. :tada:
I'm still taken to https://www.pulsecms.com/demo.php which still has a link to the version from February

BUT this is way better than the blank screen experience :smiley:

This is now updated on the demo page! Thanks @yesthatallen !

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