Pulse Form undefined error

Hi out there There is a last Problem wich makes me nuts - the Contact form.
First i used the Form from Blocs - but it terminates in an error. I allready read in the forum taht it could a linking Problem by a wrong path (pinting to templates but perhaps needed to have another path for the email form php).
Doesnt matter. I thought, using the internal {{form}} could make the deal.
So i configured the form panel in the admin - but it doesnt matter what i do ( with or without smtp config) it terminates with the following error (after pressing the button):


Thanks @danielbartel - that “undefined” might be coming from the Blocs PHP mailer. Can you send me your template folder to have a look?

Sure -you got a message with a download link

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Update: I started a local copy of the pulse installation for bugtracking of my problem on my Mamp Server and got this error log in Apache.log when pressing “send” by using the Form Output of Blocs Pulse Export:

client denied by server configuration: /Volumes/Cloudsync/Dropbox/htdocs/mytestdomain.local/template/includes/emailform.php, referer: http://mytestdomain.local/home

Seems I found the Problem:

I placed a .htaccess File in the Folder pulseroot/template/includes/
with the content in it:
<FilesMatch ‘.(php)$’>
Order allow,deny
allow from all

because in the root template folder the htaccess file disallows the exec of php files.

After that the Blocs Form .php file seems to work - it did not terminate with an unknown error.
I’ll test it on my live server now…

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Yes - that was the point. It now works also on live server.
Thanx for your help.

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