Pulse install to folder, assets don't link, design does not load (not a css linking problem)

I have installed pulse to url/subfolder changed the theme and contents folder, then run url/subfolder/admin/install.php the them is broken because assets are still being linked from url/contents/asset.png and not url/subfolder/contents/asset.png

How can I fix this?

Thanks @AlexD - I believe this is with Blocs app?

Blocs app most likely can’t tell that it will be in a sub folder. But as @AndreasN mentions in his post it is possible to do it that way but installing at the end.

That said if it is not working for you we need to find out what is going on. Can you share the URL? Or at least send it to us in a private message?

Hi, I’ve sent you a PM with the URL the problem is some of the css is broken and assets are not linking properly. Thanks

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How do I fix the routers that you say are all wrong?

For some reason your Blocs export is adding an extra “/” to the images URL so they are not appearing. I’ve just taken it off the Block (About) and now the image appears

I suggest to edit the template file layout.php where the logo is and take off the initial “/” and the logo should appear

If it’s a bug with the export will need reporting with Blocs app but seems not to be so not sure why it’s happening on your export.

This is not the problem.

The way I fixed the images that wouldn’t link was to go into the CMS select the block where the image lives, select code view and then adjust the link.

What about the fact the design does not render properly?

That’s correct and the same

This is the CSS files are not linking correctly. You need to check this in your layout.php pages

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