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Hi out there ! i purchased the latest pulse cms in order to give my client blocs pages the option to edit some textfields. I made a very very simple blocs page with only one pulse cms text flied. Exported it to pulse5 and replaces the template und content export folder into pulse cms root dir, overwriting the demo folders. Before that action pulse worked fine. after overwriting pulse teriminates with a blanc screen. tryed it 5 times with different blocs pages (only one page) - but i did not get it running ;-(

Any ideas ?

Update: I made a new, very simple Blocs Template (one page) and did the same steps as above. Now the frontend loads. Also the Admin login loads - but if i try to login - i ends in a blank page.

Update: I got it working.
I just copied one file by one into the pulse structure from the exported blocs / pulse cms template. It seems that the option “replace” when copying is not the best choice because it overwrites files pulse seems to need to get working. Exp. the index.html with his redirection…

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Next issue:

If i try to open an existing Blogtext to edit,,, this happens:

Update: Seems to work with new added Blog Posts - perhaps a chmod error? I deleted old sample blog posts - and added new ones. Works…

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Which Pulse version are you using? 5.1?

Did you try the new BETA? 5.2B2

At least it works with new Blog posts. Those sample ones are just Lorem Ipsum but will see if we can debug this

No i did not because the Download Link did not work for me…

I think we got this working for you now over Facebook Messenger?! :slight_smile:

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