PULSE+SNIPcart site

i am had un account to pulse (i boght a couple of licences in the past) and the system dowsn recognize my account no more …
no problem i just activated a new account…

my question about pulse+ Snipcart:

if i devolope a site with Pusle+SNIPCART i have to give them 2% of my sells?

thx u

Hi Simone,

that is correct and if your sale is under 500$ you have to pay 10$ a month.
Plus Paypal, Stripe or any other gateway fees.

The coolness on snipcart, you have a shop in 5 minutes.

i like a lot pulse, i used in the past and i think i will use again for some projects,
to my eyes the %+fees approach abput Pulse+SNIPCART it’s a heavy weightt on shoulders …to me unacceptable

it is in roadmap to developement some proprietary solution with less demanding request of money?
i cannot ask to my customers to paid for site dev+ paid for shop on 2% basis and adding also the service fees…especially if the free alternative is wordpress+wwocomm for exemple

what do you think ?

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I agree with you. In my opinon it is a little to pricey,
especially if you have just a few products.

Hopefully there will come a little shopping cart plugin for Pulse
without any external provider in the future.

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All in good time gentlemen :slight_smile:
But for now, it’s an amazing solution and 2% is nothing to worry about. Some services (2checkout, Paddle) start you at 5% and sometimes rise to 10%

So Stripe+Snipcart is total around 5%m which is reasonable for what advantages it gives you.

@simog72 if you want a 9 second loading speed then be my guest :stuck_out_tongue:
Snipcart will provide better conversion on speed alone

I’ve a simple Paypal shopping cart plug-in for Pulse that I created a while ago. It is far from fully featured but it allows you to add items to a self hosted cart and then checkout with Paypal.

I was about to release it but then decided to make it responsive so it would fit on 320px smartphone screens. That work has been done and now I just need to document and test it all over again.

I’m hoping to release it soon. Sign up here if you want to be notified when it finally gets released.


[quote]if you want a 9 second loading speed then be my guest :stuck_out_tongue:
Snipcart will provide better conversion on speed alone[/quote]
@pulsecms That’s correct, I made some client sites with WooCommerce, configuration and speed
can be a pita :grin:
You have to do much optimization to get it working fast.

@TimPlumb I know, checking your site weekly but it is always shown as “Coming Soon” :wink:

i really dont know if i m violating some rules here asking that ,just asking some help to try some script by Tim or Oliver …i need to implement a easy shop single page, 6 products low cost/margin

can u share some script to help?
i dont want to use woo, i want to try use pulse


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Yes you are right - I’m waiting and checking it a lot too :wink:

That Snipcart site came up on Pingdom as faster than 96% of other websites.

Woocommerce would be closer to the other way around… :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not being funny. I also ran woocommerce sites and consultants were always saying conversions would go instantly if we could get the load speed under 3 seconds. Even on Wordpress high end specialised servers that was a chore…

“Come on @simog72” (as they say in Japan)

Not sure how long until launch for @TimPlumb cart…In the meantime you could just do PayPal buttons and paste in Pulse blocks?


Or considered Stripe?

Let us know how you go!