Pulse tags not working in Rapidweaver page

I am trying to get the following tag to work:
{{block:myblock}} which I have pasted into a RW text stack. As you can see on the test page all it shows is the text I pasted. On the same page I inserted a Pulse Block stack using the same block which does work. Eventually I want to use a Pulse tag in Joe Workmans Columnist stack whichI have done successfully using Easy CMS tags.

Here’s the link:

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Your block is inside code tags and is not parsed. Remove them and it should work.


just remove <code> and </code>

Thanks for your reply. In RW I didn’t actually add the and so I don’t know where they were added.

Sorry this was missed out.
" and "

Tags are currently not supported inside RW.

I don’t know Rapidweaver but maybe you can use this:

<?php include '/pulse/content/blocks/myblock.txt'; ?>

instead of:


“If you want to add php to a Styled Text page (or Text stack) you can
add the php, select it, and choose the menu option: Format > Ignore

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There will be a Stack allowing you to use

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I just saw that the path cannot work. Sorry. Try:

<?php include '../pulse/content/blocks/myblock.txt'; ?>


<?php include './pulse/content/blocks/myblock.txt'; ?>

Even if this works it would be better to wait till {{block:myblock}} is supported.
Otherwise you will have to go through all stacks whenever you modify the file structure.

Thanks Dirk.
Tried it but didn’t work. Guess I’ll have to wait until Jannis adds a new stack to his collection though I don’t see how that will work with Joe Workman’s Columnist stack.

Be surprised. You will be able to use blocks all over the RW page (slogan, title, footer, etc. included).


Sounds very interesting, when might that happen ?

Now: https://instacks.com/localizerstack/

Beside using {{localizer:blockname}} in order to translate texts, also {{block:blockname}} will work for displaying texts.

Please be aware that the tutorial is not written by now, this will follow with a video the next week.

Jannis I have just taken a look at the localizer stack. Please forgive my ignorance but I don’t see how it will help me using JW’s Columnist stack with {{block:blockname}}.

If you let me know what you want to archive, I can tell you if it will help you. You asked for that feature…

I have used Joe Workman’s Columnist stack in the past with EasyCMS by inserting for example:
%tree_crane_work -format% into the Columnist stack
This has enabled me to content manage the text in the Columnist stack via EasyCMS.
What I wanted to do was the ability to do the same using Pulse by adding something like {{block:blockname}}

And why do you think this will not work exactly the same way with the Localizer Stack?

Basically I don’t know how the Localizer stack works. I thought it was just for languages.

As it seems you did not get that from above description, I suggest you wait until the tutorial is finished.

OK Thanks Jannis. Your time and help are much appreciated.