Pulse Tutorial Videos

Hey Guys,

We hope everyone is safe from the ongoing pandemic! While most of us are at home, we'd love for you to check out and subscribe to our Youtube Channel. This is a work in progress so feedbacks in the comments would be much appreciated!

If you have suggestions on topics that you'd like us to cover, do let us know!



Thanks for your recent advise about the YouTube Channel. I found the "Multilingual sites the easy way" video most helpful.

As noted to you already, may I request again that you produce an all feature explanation and workflow for using the Editor | User Group List | User utility.

Related to this subject we also need to know how the forgotten password recovery works? My experience with clicking on the "Forgot your password?" link produces a report "Your password has been reset". Reset to what? How does one know what the new is? Very confusing!

Regrettably, the documentation that I can find doesn't provide "HOW" about either issue. The manual only indicates WHAT is built into the design.

Thanks in anticipation.

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