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Pulse 4 websites dont't recorded any cookies. Pulse 5 sites are using them.
I don't use a form and no Pulse statistic for my website, so I do not need cookies, right? If so, can I change my website that no cookies are recorded and i not need to implement a cookie bar?


It's a PHP SESSION Cookie which is required to run Pulse.


As @instacks mentions this is mainly for the front end editing so the site knows when the Admin is editing the site

In theory you could switch that off in the Admin settings and not use cookies so the front site doesn't use them.

But at the moment this is required to run everything as is


The set cookie is only a session cookie and allowed according to the data protection regulation. Only when you log in as an admin is a cookie set. This is not relevant for visitors. You can also use the satistic in Pulse - if you activate in the settings IP anonymization.
Important for the protection of privacy in Europe is that you do not embed anything strange like Google Maps, fonts, ... but just link them. Otherwise, you must point this out in your privacy policy, because many third parties set cookies whose content and background we do not know or influence.
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Thanks for the detailed answer. Now I understand the importance of these cookies. I've already included the appropriate passage in the privacy page.
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