Pulse5 questionnaire

I want to ask Michael to write a poll and send it to everyone with a few basic questions.
Please all, answer the questions.

Questions such as:
How to Invite PulseCMS (Developer / End User)?
How do you imagine the new Pulse5?
What features do you expect from cms?
What platform do you use (Mac, Win Linux …)?
What graphic presentations do you prefer (galleries, slides, banners …)?
What forms do you use?
What blogs, forums, discussions do you put into your site?
Do you connect / merge to your database pages? Which database?
Do you place external pages / apps on your site?
What framework do you prefer / do you use?
Using pure HTML5, CSS3, or using abbreviated code example. markdown?

I assume that such questions and answers are important for software development and market success.


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Sounds good to me! Answers on a postcard please :wink:

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