Pulse5 Stacks Banner


Hi @instacks!
Can you help me to solve what I am doing wrong?
For I do not get Pulse5 stacks banner image working.
I have tried in and out of a folder in the dashboard, with and without the pulse5 stack block.
Tried to crop the image to be sure it is not too big.
Simply out of ideas


Dashboard path/name

Browser screenshot



I'm pretty sure you need to add the "file type' to the name so it would probably be "kohde1-banner.jpg"


Thank you for your reply @Raimo ! (Kiitos!)

It was a bit inconclusive what to do with image extensions on new Pulse version. Blocks do not require any more .txt ending.

I tried with and without .jpg/.jpeg with now results.


Hi, a URL to a running Pulse Installation please.






I don't see that you published your changes.

Still saying the image name without extension.

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