Putting one blog post on the home page?

Sorry if this has been covered but its there a way to have the latest blog post show on the home page whilst still maintaining a blog page?
Thanks in advance.

You could use this on your home page:

<?php $get_id = count(glob("content/blog/*")); ?>

Bad news is that it will change the title-tag on your home page.


Thank you for replying. What is the title tag? I’ve seen it whilst I’ve been finding my way around Pulse. How will that effect the home page ?
Is it just “tagging” as in collating similar articles ?

It’s a HTML tag. You’ll find it in: /template/layout.php in Pulse.

<title>Here I am</title>

Users can see it on top of their browser tabs and it also influences google’s indexing.


Oh I see what you mean. Yes of course.
Hmm … That may not matter considering the client will be using the blog to advertise offers etc.
So thanks once again for your help.