RapidWeaver integration with Pulse CMS

I’m happy to announce after a great partnership team up with inStacks Software (@instacks), we now have RapidWeaver integration for Pulse CMS!

This is a free Stacks Suite that adds:

  • A full featured blog
  • Blocks (include texts from WYSIWYG or Markdown editor, including drag and drop image support)
  • Contact forms
  • Photo galleries and sliders
  • Single images

In addition, a special integration with Gallery Stack 3 is available.

  • Even more awesome photo galleries and slideshows
  • Photo galleries inside blog posts

Download the Stacks from the inStacks site & start building in RapidWeaver + Pulse today!

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Thanks Michael for having me in the Pulse CMS community.

The Pulse CMS integration is great and works seamlessly.

Have a look at the demos here: http://pulsedemo.instacks.com/

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It’s so smooth and beautiful - you’ve done a great job @instacks - thanks for making it happen!

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A lot of newsworthy updates on Pulse CMS Stack for RapidWeaver: http://blog.instacks.com/tags/pulse-cms-stack

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