RapidWeaver updates and Pulse


If anyone is using the RapidWeaver integration with Pulse it’s worth noting these recent great updates in the Pulse Stacks for RapidWeaver by @instacks

  • 5.2.1 - Navigation Integration Enhancements (Enable full navigation import into RapidWeaver)
  • 5.2.2 - InlineEditing working completely with RapidWeaver themes + navigation items clickable in Pulse live preview

5.2.2 was shipped a few hours ago and more info on that here:

A new stack setting “Global Inline Edit” is introduced. Remove the checkbox for Foundation and Foundry, and add an “P5 Inline Edit” Stack to the page. This acts as container for inline editable content. Only add into this area your content and not the navigation bar.

All other themes, which have an inbuilt navigation bar (like default themes or Blankstrap) will work with “Global Inline Edit” checked and no dedicated “P5 Inline Edit” Stack.

Test project: https://instacks.com/pulsecmsstack/tutorial/#testproject

Thanks @instacks and happy Weaving + Pulsing! :heart_eyes::zap:

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