Rebranding / how to create logo

I am new to PulseCMS and new to svg.
I would love to change the Pulse logo.svg, but my efforts with Affinity Designer are not getting me anywhere. The resulting svg, exported, uploaded is expanded so wide, that it’s totally worthless.
It is not so tinyshiny as the original one.
I even took the original svg, opened it with Affinity, put some characters on, exported it… same story, it is expanded and unreadable, takes up the same page.

Anyone can give me a hint how to do this, how to export the svg correctly that it is not expanded but remains e.g. 75px wide?
Thanks, Igor

Hi Panmeri,

Can you share your logo I’ll try to help you with it. Or share Affinity File…



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sorry that I did not update this post.
In the meantime I have found the solution.
First I understood that svg is a xml file, that’s text. So I opened it with a text editor.
Next I found a forum post somewhere stating that Affinity puts wrong size info in that svg export file, that’s width=100%. Once I understood this I just changed the width percentage in the image’s width in px and all was good.
Thanks for your reply and offer to help, I apprechiate it.
Have a nice day, Igor


Here’s a video on how to change the logo in Pulse admin:

This is much easier in Pulse 5.

Just change the images in “branding” in the Media folder and off you go!