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It should auto scan for the first image and pull that in :slight_smile:
I think the "/" you mentioned is as you have it installed in a sub-folder? e.g. /pulsecms5/

@jdloudon has it in the root so that seems to be working .. we'll add something to make non root installs work with this.

@jdloudon - glad it is working for you! In terms of styling, that recent post visual layout is already using Flexbox so feel free to amend the CSS to your liking.

You're right regarding the images. Maybe for now it's best to recommend to the client to pre update the images to the right side or go to /media and use the Crop feature inside there?

The last value "200" is the word count limit.

Thanks - us too :heart_eyes:
But let us bear in mind how to improve on this..


Well, I am testing on a MAMP stack, I'll try on a server. It would be great if both would work! :heart_eyes:


Ok, so that is working on a server, which is great!

Also, I've just noticed that the quotes appear to be optional!
{{recentposts_visual:2:blog:true:200}} Seems to work as well. :confused:


Glad it's working!

Yes the quotes are added for readability but are optional (there's a note in the manual about it)

They were added as without the longer tags such as the Blog might be unreadable.

Work started on 5.3.3

This is now working and will be in 5.3.3 :+1: :

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