Recent Posts for Sub Blog Syntax?

I have a sub blog called "job-blog"
I'm getting Fatal Errors when I embed "recentposts" of this sub blog (on the same page like the recentposts of the main blog)

I have tried {{recentposts:"10":"blog/job-blog"}}

Hi @Burnhard, thanks for letting us know. Did you happen to try if the same issue exists on our previous versions? In any case, we'll surely look into it.

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Thanks @palej for the reply. I'm new to Pulse and I have just started testing, I'm using 5.3.8

I CHMOD everything to 777 but no success.

what would be correct in my case then? {{recentposts:"blog/job-blog"}} ?
to be clear with that would help me already I guess

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Thanks @Burnhard for this

I have a test sub blog called "notesy" and "notesy-2" (to test the hyphen which I thought would be a problem)

So for me this worked:

I think this was fixed in 5.3.9 so please try that as regard to:

  • Fix for blog item filtering removing dashes "-"
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