Redirect 301 under Pulse 5.3.3

I have a question about the 301 redirection rules with Pulse 5.3.3. I would like to redirect the old HTML-pages to the new Pulse website.

The classic way...

RewriteEngine On
Redirect 301 /oldpage.html

...takes me to the correct page (the navigation menu item shows the current link) but not to the wished content. The content shows the 404 error content. Since Pulse pages have no visible file extension, so I can not specify behind the path no .php or .html

I've done the way {{redirection}} Tim Plumb offers (Redirect old PHP pages): But no success.
It's the same: the page is nearly correct, the content not.

The URL path shows the new path and a extension ?p=oldpagename after that.
For example:

What can I do to correctly load both the page and the content?

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I found the solution - it`s very easy

Use the normal way with the .htaccess file. Attache for the correct content (not 404) this PHP-code https://Domain/index.php?p=pagename
For example: Redirect 301 /impr.html

That`s it!


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