Redirect mobile users to subpage instead of homepage

Hi I want to redirect mobile users to a subpage instead of the home page.
What is the best way in combination with pulse?

Before the advent of media queries a lot of sites would redirect users from a desktop site to a mobile version. Today media queries have done away with the need for duplicate fixed width sites as you can have a site that flexes and adapts to the user's browser viewpoint.

Assuming media queries just won't do what you need you can try and sniff the browser the user is using and redirect to your mobile page. You can do this in JavaScript, PHP, and even in your htaccess file. This page has a run down on a lot of these methods although, as you will see, none are foolproof.

This simple example uses JavaScript to look for touch events and redirects the user if it finds them. Again it isn't ideal as it will redirect users with a touch screen laptop and will fail to redirect users with JavaScript disabled. If you look at the source code you'll see the simple function that looks for these touch events and redirects the user to the mobile page.

A more robust solution might be to detect a mobile device and pop a message on screen asking the user to move to the mobile version of the site. If they choose to move or stay you can then set a cookie and use the value of that to determine if the user would rather be on the main or mobile version of the site. This way you put control back into the user's hands and it should do away with users getting frustrated by incorrectly being moved automatically.

Good luck with your project.

Thanx Tim I will look into the linked pages. Extra info: I don’t want to point the user to a ‘dedicated’ mobile site I just want to point te mobile user not to “home" but f.e. to “/why”.

I would imagine that it would be no different than with any other html.

Top Google hit is:

You would use it on your templates.

A little old though. Most people do responsiveness now a days.

Hi sean, website is responsive (ofcourse ;-)) but I want to redirect mobile visitors not to home page but to a subpage f.e. /why

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