Replace files in Media section

Is it not possible to replace a file in the “Media” section of Pulse CMS?

For example, let’s say I have an image called “photo.jpg” in the “media” directory. When in Pulse CMS in the Media section, I’d imagine a “Replace” button next to photo.jpg. When clicked it’ll display a dialog to upload a new file from my computer, which will then replace the file and retain its file name.

Is there any way to do this with Pulse CMS? An addon I’m overlooking perhaps? I assume not since it would affect the core code of the CMS. Is this a feature request?

Thanks in advanced.

Oh good idea @pyxal and can see the use in this. Yes it’s a feature request as currently not possible! You’ll have to delete and reupload.

But can see that if you have an image in your site already and just want to replace it this would be useful.

We’ll try and get this in to the next update. Thanks for the idea :+1:

Awesome. I look forward to seeing that.
It’d be particularly cool to implement Aviary or some simple scale/crop scripts like Jcrop while you’re at it. Giving the client the ability to replace existing images is nice and all, but it’s useless if they have limited or no image editing sills and don’t understand how to keep proportions and set dimensions.

Thanks again.

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It would be good to have some inbuilt tools like that yes. I frequently tell client not to try and upload a full sized digital image from a D4 or something and they dont get it!
As for replace items, on my own sites I just use FTP to add and change images in the media folder, but again you cannot let client near that kind of thiing.

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You read my mind @pyxal … cropping will be added in v5. But a different tool. We’ll see how that goes and go from there.

Aviary would be good but as now owned by Adobe and requires keys and so on… so not as attractive as used to. Had previously integrated it in a project and thought all the stickers would be fun again. Will keep an eye on that.

Currently in v4 you can limite the image upload size in the config.php file.

As long as the template.php has some nice max-width stylings it should also appear nicely if used outside of the Gallery.

Glad also @jdloudon we are on the right track!

All the workshops we do here in Japan and speaking to users on the forums / email are being really helpful in shaping v5 to be the best yet :slight_smile:

It would be good to have some inbuilt tools like that indeed

This exits in 5.0.2! :smiley::+1: