Request a pulse install


How do I go about requesting a pulse install on my ftp? Do I need to pay for that?

I've tried installing pulse 5.3.10 and 5.3.11 both times installs are broken.

5.3.10 basically every feature needed working on and now I've completely broken it. I tried installing 5.3.11 and simple things like saving a blog post return an error message.

Are you able to install a clean instance on my server and guarantee that all features will work?


I managed to do a clean install of 5.3.11. Blog custom url issue which I posted about is still there. Very random. If I give one of the 6 sample articles a new url, that works. If I create a new blog post and give it a custom url, it doesn't work. Is this a known issue?

So I just tried this on a pulse demo site and same thing happens. Maybe the custom blog url doesn't actually work?

Can someone confirm this?

A bit disappointing as this was one of the main reasons I decided to upgrade..

Hi Milos, have you been in touch with support via email? Has your issue been resolved?

No replies from them regarding the url issue..

I will follow up with them.

I believe the blog url renaming issue doesn't just happen to me. If you setup a new demo site, create a blog and give it a custom url, you will experience the same issue.

Hmm.. Yes, I've found a way to reproduce this. I'm going to talk to the team and have this addressed in a future release. I'll ask the team if there's any way we can build a workaround in the mean time. I'm not sure there is, but I will get details in the coming days.

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