Right/Left Aligned Slideshows

My clients often ask for a small slideshow to accompany the text of their pages. Is it possible for them to align the slideshow to the left or right of text in the block editor?

Also, with the slideshows, is there a way to have the slides fade over each other rather than slide left? That transition is a little more subtle and not as distracting when you are reading text.

Thanks for you help!

Thanks @irishartist89

That’s possible with CSS

Another way would be to create a two column page or a sidebar in the template.php and add the blocks in the template and they can edit those in the backend admin?

It’s not possible to change the slide settings without editing the code in the admin.
But will think if we can incorporate those options in the future.

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A fade-in slideshow is easy to acomplish with css only. As small (round, square, floating etc) as you want or as big as a background. But I don’t know if your clients will be able to edit the images in the editor though…

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