RSS URL for blog?


Is there a way to get a RSS feed URL for the Pulse CMS blog so that the posts can be displayed in a RSS reader/viewer?

The rss.php file at the root of the Pulse site should do this for you;


Thank you. I’ve just sussed this out too and it works brilliantly! I’ve been struggling with finding a way to embed the blog in my existing template (so using {{blog}} doesn’t work) and this works superb!

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Any reason why the images in my blog RSS feed aren't showing? See below:

I can work around this by inserting images from an external source using some HTML code eg.

<img src="" alt="BRC Certified" style="width:101px;height:156px;">

...but a client using Pulse won't know how to do this.

Hi @crjdesignco,
I’m having problems finding where you’ve installed the blog on this web site. It looks like you have Pulse up and running on the server alongside WordPress. I can also see from the RSS feed that there are a few errors that could be causing the images to get lost.

For example the link at the top of the file is incorrect;

You can change this setting in the config.php file in Pulse.
My gut feeling is that WP is handling the request for the Pulse blog page and passing me to the 404 although it could be that I just don’t know where the blog is! :slight_smile:

Thank you. The JustEgg one probably isn't a great example because it's still in development and currently hosted on another server.

The blog here for another site of mine also isn't displaying images:

Hello @crjdesignco the image is not displayed because that url is wrong

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Thank you. It seems that my RSS reader, which is powered by Serif Web Resources, is using as the document root and not the site domain ( is correct.

How can I fix this?

Other than changing the image reference from a relative link to an absolute one I’m not sure you can fix this yourself. It looks like an issue with the RSS rendering script you are using.

You appear to have an issue with the blog itself on that site as I can’t see the actual blog without hitting an error;

Rather than use the Serif script to render the blog why not create a blank page in Pulse (you may need to create a new blank theme for this) and insert your blog on that using the {{blog}} short code. You’ll be able to embed this page into your iframe in much the same way you are already linking to Serif with the link to your RSS feed.

That was my original idea but for some reason when I create a page (for example I just made one called ‘ayurblog’), I hit the error. I’m not sure why this is happening, it happens on the JustEgg one too!:confused:

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