RWML and PulseCMS stacks for multilanguage website - Howto?

I am using TsoojMedia’s RWML stacks to provide a multi language website.
What is the best approach with PulseCMS stacks and multilanguage?
Can I use the RWML Content stacks with e.g. PulseCMS Blog stack (1 per lang) or do I have to create one page pair for each language?
Thanks, Igor

Soon, there will be a RW Stack allowing to create Multi Language Sites with Pulse.


I am not familiar with RWML.

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Oh, this is such good news!!!
Is there any ETA you could share, please?
Thanks a lot, Igor

Development is already finished. Just have to create a product page and tutorial :slight_smile:

But: This currently not include a multi language blog (as by default, only one blog is available inside one Pulse CMS installation).

I am somehow confused … multilanguage yes, but not multilanguage?
The example is Easy and TotalCMS but not Pulse, but the development of stacks to create multilanguage sites with Pulse is finished…
Please be patient, I don’t understand, I am certainly not an experienced programmer …
Thanks, Igor

Localizer Stack will work with Pulse, Easy / Total CMS. Stack development is finished. Demo is currently only Easy / Total CMS.

Multi language will support texts, images, page titles, menu items, etc.

As it was never intended to have more than one blog in one installation, a multi language blog setting will not be provided by that stack.

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