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Just wondering if any Pulse users have successfully integrated a third party site search function into their site at all? I’m currently at a loss how to implement this into a project. Hoping for any tips or recommendations anyone may have.

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There’s a Google search easy plugin here:

Pulse 5 has site wide search built-in :zap::+1:

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Nice, will wait till Pulse 5 to implement.

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Nice to hear about the site wide search to be implemented in Pulse 5!

Regarding external tools, I have been using FreeFind (paid plan) on three WordPress sites for which WP own site search was not enough (I had a number of legacy files stored outside the WP structure). Its website looks outdated, but nevertheless, in my experience, FreeFind currently offers one of the best options for site search at a (still) affordable price, especially after some competitors closed doors. (And support is helpful.) FreeFind also now offers an overlay option, that allows search results to be superposed on the page instead of leaving it: I like that!


Thanks @Helveticus inline / inpage results is the best and we've gone that way too.

Here's how it's looking:

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i just finished tweaking pulse 4.7 so tipue search works:

and here in action:

i changed the open.php in pulse so everytime i save a page or a blog post the URL gets added to the list of URLs that tipue searches. at some point it is going to get slow, thou.

i will try to upgrade to pulse 5. is the current beta version the same one as a few weeks ago?

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Cool :sunglasses:!!

Could be a nice plugin? :wink:

Yes still BETAv1 but BETAv2 out soon with more fixes :+1:

could be ^^ althou as always, i just made changes realy quick, so i had to change some php files directly (mostly open.php). i am not sure if it will work with just an external plugin php. i can send you the files if you want, but it would be only releveant for 4.7 anyway i guess

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Fixed in 5.0.2! :smiley::+1: