Seeking beta testers for Pulse 5.3.12 😃

Hi everyone,

Pulse 5.3.12 has important updates everyone will appreciate.
We have a simple ZIP with only the updated files that you can drop in. Plus, a list of the 6 files that changed, so you know what you're replacing.

We're looking for people to test it. Reply here or message me.

What's New: :gift_heart:

  1. Allows multiple words in navigation.

  2. Improves and fixes numerous issues with blog URLs.
    2a. Fixes issues with old blog URLs not working
    2b. Supports renaming blogs
    2c. Adds a flexible system to help ensure blog URLs will work. (Match on index or title slug, no longer case sensitive, etc.)

The update already has positive feedback from those who tried it.

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Hey, can i integrate salesforce into your cms? it is very important.

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Hi Don. The SalesForce idea is interesting. I am going to message you to get details.

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