Serious perfomance issues with 5.1 in Chrome on Mac

I now have three sites running in Pulse 5. One is on 5.03 and there are two in development in 5.1
In the course of my work I test on as many browsers and platforms as I can and I am very concerned about the performance of 5 in Chrome on my MacBook Pro.

Site takes forever to load, and when it does the pages take ages to display.
When they do, the circular loading icon just keeps spinning in the active tab, even after allthe page is loaded, and I am talking about just a simple page full of text.

I run all my sites on a modern VPS with PHP 7 and all the sites that are static HTML or Pulse 4 are super speedy and there is no delay at all.

Anyone else seeing this?

edit: Pulse 5.x pages take FOREVER to load in Internet Explorer 11 - yeah I know that browser should just be gone but many people stilluse it on older PCs because they think the “it is the internet”
Wondering if this hase anything to do with the new way Pulse uses JSON now?

Do you have a link? Looking at the sites I have converted to 5.1 I am not seeing a real speed issue. The only suggestions Google PageSpeed Insights has is some css suggestions “Your page has 3 blocking CSS resources. This causes a delay in rendering your page.” :

1 Like is the site in question. The client has also said it runs very slow on the computers where she works.
Apart from the Chrome on Mac issue mentioned in post the site is also unusable on my tablet, Asus Zenbook and phone, Nokia 8 running Android 8.1.

Its not the server as I can see that for instance all these pages load and change page instantly: This is a static HTML site. but lets look also at this: which is quite graphically heavy, and runs on Pulse 3 runs on Pulse 4.5.2

and just for kicks, a Wordpress site or two:

I am always selling Pulse to clients on the basis that the codebase is sleek and much more efficient than Wordpress.
Now what is going on?

Why would the stylesheets being in a sun folder make any difference? Something else is happening here.

GeoIP data for site stats on settings page. Turn that off and alls well with the world again.

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As this isn’t a issue for others: does your server allow server to server requests (I guess so, still asking…).

I can look into that, but there is still inconsistency, as with GeoIP turned on, it works fine on my desktop with Firefox and Chrome - but not on Mac or Android.

I see what you want to explain, but the GeoIP functionality is a server to server communication, and others don’t have that issue at all.

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Where would I find the code that is responsible for this? I can send the file to my server admin and see if they can understand why it would be causing problems. It may just be a firewall issue.

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Yeah I would ask them about the firewall and if they allow calls to GeoIP or by scanning your account can they see anything in the server logs?

No errors in the server logs. Can you tell me what call gets put out by the script so they can see what may be happening to get it blocked?

We use this for that:

They might be blocking connections to browscap

You can ask them to check in “pulsecore/vendor/browscap” and “logic/user_agent.php” we also have unit tests setup for this in “unittests”

If it’s not an obvious issue maybe start with asking them what ports they are blocking or anything else.

The solution in your case for now would be to switch it off for now as that works. If we switch to another way to collect this data as mentioned here then this might also improve it for you :slight_smile:

Hope they can help you and find something!

This issue would have been in all versions of 5 as this feature has always been in there. Did you see it before on your server?

Thankyou, I have asked them to check to see if site is trying to phone home to

I have turned it off for now. I only recently noticed it on new install of 5.1 so maybe it was turned off on mu 5.0x sites

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Fixed now - it was the firewall on the server that was blocking some outbound connections.
Strange that not all browsers were affected though.

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Also in Pulse 5.2 you will be able to select the service to use for the GeoIP settings in the stats (or switch them off). Select from: freegeoip, ipstack, snoopi. Enable in Settings and input the corresponding API key. This will give more options :slight_smile:

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