Server Error on .htaccess

After uploading the Pulse folder to root I recieve a Server Error screen in my browser (Chrome Mac). My web-logs say it’s a prob with the .htaccess file?

/pulse/.htaccess: RewriteRule: cannot compile regular expression ‘^blog-([^-]*)+?’\n

Any suggestions? I ran your “reqs.php” tool and everything is ok there. “Sessions” (if an issue) I’m not sure about, haven’t contacted my host yet, will do if you say I must.


In my pulse installations the htaccess is placed in root, not in /pulse. Maybe your host needs that Rewrite base defined on line 3
RewriteBase /pulse/
(without # to uncomment)

Thanks Cadesign. Moving that file to root make’s sense, I’ll try that first (later tomorrow) and also check back for any additional ideas that may get posted (bed time now).

If Pulse is placed in a subdirectory, you have to change a line in config.php, too:

$path = ‘/pulse’; // If installed in root, leave blank. If in “subfolder”, use “/subfolder”

Thanks Torsten. There came point where I could no longer tell if my (multiple) problems were do to me, Pulse, or my host’s servers. I had some partial success, then none, even when reverting to my earlier partial-success configuration, my server refused to cooperate under any circumstances – as if I had tripped some maximum changes per unit of time limit and it may have thought I was an intruder or something? I don’t know, but I couldn’t spend the next week emailing tech support to straighten it out so I moved on to a different solution for now. I’m half-way done building that now (TCMS in Rapidweaver) so we shall see. Thank you-all and good-cmsing to you.

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Good luck to you, RogerB! Anyway: The simplest way to install a CMS is at the root of your webhosting area (like /html or /httpdocs or whatever). Installing into a subdirectory needs some configuration in most cases.


This is a good point and something to remember.

I tend to set up a subdomain for each new project ( so that the client can review the work in progress. It also means that when I need to migrate the site to the live server I don’t need to adjust the config settings or any other paths.


Very useful advice, TimPlumb, thank you!

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