Server hacked !?!?


today I got a message. My Hosting Provider blocked my page because there is a code / script on the page what is not good. So they find some files on my server. They said that there is a secure problem. Some robots checked the page and found a secure problem and then the put malware on the server. How could this happen ? What can I do that Pulse is secure? Do you know these files ? Dont see it before ...

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Hi @tom2,

I'm sorry to hear about what happened. The trya.php and rever.php are definitely not part of Pulse CMS files. There are a lot of factors when a breach like this happens but we're hoping that your password is something difficult to guess like a random combination of letters and numbers.

Rest assured, however, that we will also look into this to make sure that this is not a vulnerability that exists on Pulse's side. It would be great if you have more information to share to help us with our investigation.



Hi @palej
thanks for your answer ...
I use Blocsapp with Pulsecms features. Now I scan a few sites I have created. At some pages I can't find anything ...And other pages I found same issues ...
Do you know what that is ?
For example,


For example what's that ? .git/HEAD is this a normal pulse file ?
And the tracker.php works on some sites but not with all sites ...why?

thanks for your help

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