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A client of mine has made a request…

I think what I’m after is one of those little rows of icons attached to each individual blog, as opposed to the ones on the homepage of the site, so that anyone, myself included, can share to their FBook, Twitter, LIn, whatever, pages…you know what I mean.

Is this doable in Pulse Blog - maybe in new version?
If not out of the box, are there any known ways to do it?

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Social sharing buttons? Those are included out of the box in Pulse 5

For now, use @TimPlumb’s excellent:

You can create your own plugin.
Plug the plug-in for a block or for each Blog as a plugin link.
Inserting into the “inc / tags / blog.php” script before line 87,
if ($disqus_comments == true){include('inc/plugins/disqus.php');}

Code pattern is here.

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Outstanding - thanks very much Micheal @TimPlumb and @IvaRo

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