Skull and double exclamation error - what does that mean?


I’m using Pulse 5 with Rapidweaver - and having problems conceptualising what is supposed to happen…

For sentence, do I need to delete all the provided pages in Pulse online and replace these ‘pages’ with pages with the same names?

I understand the content mainly seems to be Blocks but apart from the Blog stack these don’t seem to be displayed in a test install - with Text blocks replaced by the tag (or path) within skulls and double exclamations.

(!!:skull_and_crossbones: home/mission :skull_and_crossbones:!!)

However, there’s no explanation of this in the manual. Presumably it might be something to do with the path but I’ve tried many combinations to no effect.

Any suggestions

This error comes up if Pulse is looking for a block that doesn’t exist. Is there a block inside a “home” folder labelled “mission” in your Pulse 5 Blocks?

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@TimWatt : for RapidWeaver integration there are some great videos and docs on this page:

Yes delete all the pages and blocks in the demo and just use your own.
As @Raimo mentions, the (!!:skull_crossbones: home/mission :skull_crossbones:!!) is a warning to say ""home/mission" block doesn't exist, please check your site".

That said - looks like you've fixed it as content is pulling in really nicely on this page: :white_check_mark:

Thanks Raimo and Michael,

Sorry if I’ve not been clear (although I don’t see how plus I made some progress between posting and your viewing)

I hope you don’t mind me pointing out where obviousness is assumed in the communications about this product that I think might not be the reality.
My ‘Aha moment’ in solving my immediate issue came not from that Stacks video (which I’d already viewed about 5 times) but after subscribing to the Rapidweaver Community Pulse CMS course, that although out of date did address the pertinent issue, ie that the file path set in each Text block stack must match a folder structure that is required to be created in the Pulse backend.
That I suggest is not obvious - although it may seem so in retrospect - at least in terms of the need to create folders. Nowhere I’d seen in any documentation is it described that creation of folders (or otherwise) is a necessity for it to work.
This understanding has enabled some progress but there are several other barriers, also not addressed in the video or documentation…
For instance, in what sense does the preview match the pages created (or existing) in Pulse relate to pages in RW? As far as I can see there is no relation. The same for ‘Pages’ as named by Pulse wrt to Pages set in RW? If from the above it is assumed that the Pulse Preview matches the content provided by blocks in RW that seems entirely false. If it is suggested that creation of Pages in Pulse relies of manually emulating RW pages by deleting and duplicating Page names to emulate the page order etc in Pulse, despite being the suggestion, that also seems false.
From what I’ve seen that should be what happens but my experience is otherwise. I understand a redirection in a .htacces file (that the links in the Pulse preview might rely on) could achieve that but that relies on full and adequate description of what files paths to out in it in the documentation or that video (which it does not do more than fleetingly at the end and shows no amendment of the file just a provided suggestion, and only for the blog page).

As far as I can see, in the understandable effort to sell simplicity and maybe to non-RW users, some assumptions about obviousness are made that are false. ie a skull and crossbones -even when as In my message where I did guess the correct answer I was left with a dead end due two a false assumption of obviousness relating to folders in Pulse … Same for me with the Preview in Pulse that links to the wrong paths and is not updatable or even closely resembles to the site it purports to preview.

I can keep going through the old Pulse CMS course on the hope it may provide more aha moments but it would be nice to be confident that wishful thinking didn’t blind the Pulse team to overlooking barriers to setting up the product…

Thanks, Tim

Hi Tim, that’s obvious when you read the Pulse manual, still required for the Stacks integration. Nothings changed there.

Thanks Jannis

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