Slider creates an empty p-node before it

hi guys,

small issue, topic says it all :slight_smile: when creating a slider via the pulse tag a <p>-element is rendered before the flex-slider. the problem is (i think) that in the WYSIWYG the editor wraps the slider-tag in a p. when the slider is created the p stays empty before it. any ideas on a work-aorund?


Would something like:


in the CSS help?

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Thanks @squareclouds-design

@ezchile solution sounds good :slight_smile:

There has been some discussion on this a little while ago:

Basically we were hoping Redactor would release a fix.

Redactor 3.1.8 is running in the latest version of Pulse and 3.2.0 will be out in 5.3.4 - but doesn't look like it addresses the issue:

For now the best work around would be:

  • pasting in HTML mode
  • using the CSS solution provided by @ezchile

thanks michael. yes i realized that it is saved without p if i save in HTML mode. hopefully redactor updates this soon :slight_smile:

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