Social sharing icons

Hello, can we look at updating the Social icons arrangement?
Google+ is now killed off by Google and I have a couple of clients requesting others to be added, specifically one for LinkedIN
I have edited her social tag to remove the ones she does not want but not sure how to add new ones.

Hi, @jdloudon

use code to url:

<a class="resp-sharing-button__link" href="{{domain:""}}<?php echo $social_url; ?>&amp;title=<?php echo $social_title; ?>" target="_blank" aria-label="">

Look for the svg icon, or change the style of the icons.

I hope to do work!


Fantastic! Thanks so much, here is the result:

  • LinkedIn button added to {{social}} Share tag and replaces the now defunct Google+

This will ship in 5.3.1 later on… :wink:

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