Some HTML tags are stripped

While I am using Rapidweaver PulseCMS stacks, I believe that this is probably happening within PulseCMS instead. I am trying to add spaces to the first line of paragraphs and I usually do this with the string  . That code initially works, but when I return to the HTML side of the editor later to modify the block, the character strings that I have added have been stripped out.

Are you using   ?

Try Super Blocks: :slight_smile:

The nbsp entity is stripped and the space disappears when refreshing the web page. The emsp entity is stripped from the editor. However the spaces seem to persist after refreshing the web page.

I will try Super Blocks especially since I spend most of my time in HTML.

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Yes that’s wise @winbird and will be fastest for you. The editor (Redactor) strips those tags by default.

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