Spaces disapear in the navigation name

I would like to create a Navigation existing in 2 words.
For example “About Us” For some reason this will not work and the menu removes the space.

“Add non Pulse item” for the navigation seems to work but it opens a new window. It would be great to have spaces as a lot of my clients expect this. Is this possible? Or can a option be added to the “Add non Pulse item” to open the link in a new window OR same parent window… ?

Other work around would really help me out with this one.


1.- Create aboutus.txt or about_us.txt page
2.- Go to Manage site navigation
3.- Create a new “Add non Pulse item” link, the name is “About Us”, the URL is aboutus or about_us.
4.- Remove the old aboutus page link.
B.- Create an external link in a similar way, the URL being the full page address, such as ""
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Thank you for that clear example!

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