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I'm currently assembling a site where we would like to have a page protected. I have use the plugin from Michael ( before and it worked great. I tried installing the same way on this site and it is showing up within the content and then not disappearing with a password. Any help would be appreciated!


Update: Thank you for the response to the thread! This got us up and running!

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Thanks @Dmaukingbird

Pulse5 now includes a Locked Tag so you don't need to use that add-on anymore :wink:

Try this (from around pg 31 of the manual)...

Login/locked Tag


Locks down any page or Block so that it is password protected. Only alpha-numeric characters work - no spaces, hyphen, period or other extended keys.


Add the password, the shared secret needed for One-Time Password (leave empty for just a password) and finally the content to load if login succeeds. You can also customise the error message here or leave blank to customise via the language file strings. An empty block name leads to locking the page instead of the block.

Hope that helps!