Stats - Link overlapping

Whenever I check the Pulse Stats on a smaller screen ( iPod5 / iPhone 5 and probably iPhone SE ), the "Top Referrers" links are not cut at the container border and even overlapped on the next line. This bug persists since PulseCMS 4.0 and has never been fixed.

iPod5 uses iOS 9.3.5


Thanks Romain @rpetges for pointing this out

I think it would be better if on mobiles long URLs go onto 2 lines or just wrapped

Will add this in the next update also :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

It seems to be an issue with 4 inch displays and smaller, on iPhone 6/7 it seems to be fine.

Oh wait… 4 inch? So for example… iPod, 6E?

This needs testing…

Got it :boom::bug: and this will be in 4.6.1 - released this month :slight_smile: