Strange '<?' codeline

Hey Guys,

on my site there is this strange little codesnippet ‘<?’ at the beginning and the ending of the page.
So the two first code lines are:
<?<!doctype html>
<html lang=“de”>
and then comes the <head> area

I thougt that there is something wrong in the index.php file but when i edit anything there my site is not displayed correctly.

Can you help?

If you refrained code in index.php:
1, check phpini on your server - 64 encode, decode.
2, unpack and check the contents index.php between two abostrof

<?php eval("?>".base64_decode('......

What’s your Pulse version?

I haven’t changed anything in the index.php , so the file looks exact like your example

I’m running Pulse 4.7

Can you share a link? It shouldn’t be showing anything in the browser. Might be something on template.php?

Visitors can not see it. However, if you display the source code in the browser, you can see it.


The document did not pass validation, 32 errors and 17 warnings.

Try the English version

I just want to help.
Send me the zip or rar files layout.php and Home.txt
the email = answer.

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I’m sure that the problem isn’t located at these files. I think, index.php is faulty

Create a new index.php.
Used (link above) 64 decode.
You get a code to enter into a new file index.php.
Upload to server

Sorry Michael

Nice site @eltoron and added to showcase :wink:

I think @IvaRo is right, it’s probably template.php but will need to see the code to check. Can you send me a DM with access or zip of your Pulse?

Demo site uses 4.7 and looks fine:
view-source of:


First of all, I would like to thank you for your support.
Michael, i sent you a DM

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Got it and we’ll take it from there :wink: @eltoron

I have the same problem 669 and @IvaRo has refered me to this topic so I will continue here.

I did the Base64 decoding and put the decoded version as the new index.php. It didn’t help to get rid of the <? on the beginning of the html but it did remove the <? on the end of html.

Please note that this symptom happened even if I make a fresh installation extracted from original Pulse 4.7 ZIP file. In the example above I just trimmed the layout.php to make it short and simple.

It is worth to mention that the extra chars don’t appear on the admin page:

I also notice that @eltoron 's website above still having this issue. This is what I got when viewing the source:

My server is still under testing so it lies behind a firewall and cannot be accessed from Internet. The users mostly using IE and not very happy with this, hope we can have a solution soon. Thanks.

I have published the site in January and tested it in all common browsers (even the crappy Internet Explorer :smiley:).
The site is displayed correctly but that strange <? codeline annyos me

Thanks @eltoron, I think my users are using older IE (company policy) that even crappier :slight_smile:

I think I found the solution, but still not sure what is the main cause:

Do the Base64 decode on /pulsecore/misc.php the same way @IvaRo suggested for the index.php and it fix the problem.

Hope this helps.

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Fixed in latest version :slight_smile: