Strange gallery behaviour on mobile devices

When i click on an image on my pulse site it pops up to be shown in gallery mode (what it is supposed to do)
But when i switch on to my smartphone and click on an image, the image won’t pop up on my visible screen area but rather i have to scroll to the exact middle of the page and there it is. Is this a bug caused by Pulse or is it my fault? - Please let me know

Hello, @eltoron

Please contact me directly or send me the link.


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As @ArmendHajdari mentions @eltoron a link would help so we can see if it’s a template clash or other :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering me.
Here is the link:

Hello @eltoron

Can you send me a template with all content, directly to the message or e-mail


Works fine on iPhone 6 @eltoron :slight_smile:

@pulsecms thanks for testing it, so it’s maybe a problem in Android WebView and i don’t know if this problem only affects me or all pulse galleries on mobile android devices.

@ArmendHajdari Why should i do this? The content is copyrighted to a client and you can take a look at the source code in your browser if you want.

You can try several options.
1.- You are using the jQuery library 3.1.1.
Try another version, for example, 2.2.4
Version 3 … sometimes causes problems.
2.- Try to replace scripts for magnific-popup.
3.- Not all devices display incorrectly.
Maybe Samsung Galaxy, counts top 0, behind sliderArea, rslides (inserted before content).

Try to insert a row into magnific-popup.css.
Line 242 (newer version, line 245)
top: 0px;
The image moves behind the sliderArea.
All mobile devices!
The problem is the position rslider ???

@IvaRo thanks for answering me that detailed

I’ve tried the both ways you described with an older jquery version and the magnific-popup.css
unhappily that won’t work

Have you tried to set top 0px; ???

Visit the website

Thanks for the advise to this tool, but i want to observe the bug or the error in magnific-popup first before i want to use another tool. Is this bug occuring on other pulse installations too on android devices or is it just me?

Thanks @eltoron - I don’t think it’s an Android specific problem or across other Pulse sites. As @IvaRo says there are many Android devices.

Can you test on the demo? – same problem?

Pulse5 is switching to a more modern Lightbox gallery :slight_smile:

On the demo it works prettyy fine.

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OK @eltoron that helps to narrow it down :slight_smile:

In that case it’s not Pulse core and most likely something on the site. I’m sure @ArmendHajdari could advise if you are willing to let him look at the template.php file? There must be something in the template which is forcing the site to revert to browser head?

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