<strong> not showing in some browsers

Here is a weird thing. Just building a new site with Pulse 4.6 and standard theme, more or less.
I noticed that any text in bold was showing up in the editor window, and in Chrome on my desktop but nowhere else.
Not in FF, IE or any Android device.

Dont know why but it must be due to something in the stylesheet that comes with Pulse.
So I have added an override:

strong, b {
font-weight: bold;

into master.css and now it works.

Weird huh?

Hello, @jdloudon

Can we see the site online? or send us a theme.

Kind Regards,

Hello Armendi
I have applied the fix now so the issue is not apparent.
However the site is here:


best regards

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The problem has been chosen, Good luck :slight_smile:

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