Sub blog problem

hi all,

i am having trouble with my sub blog.

what i have done so far:

  • created sub blog (folder) "media" and added 3 entries.
  • created a page "media" i add the block "{{block:media/news}}" that has the blog code


  • the blog overview shows fine... but when i click the headlines it gives me a php error

  • my "settings" in the back end are still the same for the blog. since i am using a sub blog i didnt change anything here. the same applies for the htaccess, didnt change anything there

did i missunderstand something? :frowning:

if i create blog posts for the main blog (not sub blog) and i click the headlines of the sub blog i get directed to the corresponding post of the main blog (click first post of sub blog -> landing in first post of main blog). please test the oldest post to recreate this (meaning the main blog has only 1 post to redirect to). this means the links in my sub blog "media" are generating links to the main blog... but i dont know how to resolve this, and i dont even know what URLs are generated for the "media" posts

thanks in advance!

Thanks @squareclouds-design - interesting issue here. Your setup sounds correct.

We’ll replicate from your test site and then get any required fixes out in the next update.
Thanks for reporting your findings

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Fixed for Pulse 5.1BETA2 out soon :slight_smile: