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Hello to the professionals,
I would like to know if anyone can help me here:
I have a sub navigation navigation in Pulse. Pulse automatically creates a ".active" script for each active page, which can be styled well via CSS. Unfortunately, only the last li> a is marked as ".active". Since the submenue is only visible with hover, the active link remains hidden. I hope you understand what I mean.
Now I've been trying for hours to give the parent path in the main navigation a ".active", but my knowledge is not enough.
In the old Pulse versions, I had a small PHP script, which I had at the beginning of each page and in the navigation itself. But I can not paste PHP anymore.
I would be very grateful for ideas!
Screenshot_2019-09-10%20Unser%20Verein-hover Screenshot_2019-09-10%20Unser%20Verein

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We'll try and add this in a future update, thanks for the request