Text Editing (Underline not working)

I am trying to underline a text by using “command + U” it shows its underlined in the editor but when clicked saved the underline disappears. How do I make the text underlined without disappearing?


Redactor inserts the underline marker into the P or H tag.

<h2>Redactor inserts the <u>underline</u> marker into the P or H tag</h2>
<h3>This is sample text <u>underline</u></h3>
<p>This text is normal, <u>this is underlined text.</u></p>
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Thank you but how and where do I do this?

My answer.
You can edit in block, = screenshot 1 ..

Customize Redactor:

Edit the script: admin / redactor / redactor_init.js.

Manual = change-buttons-in-the-toolbar.
Screenshot 2 ..

Outcome after adjustment 1
Screenshot 3 ..

Manual = add-button
Screenshot 4 ..

Result after adjustment 2
Screenshot 5 ..


Great solution @IvaRo

Underline (along with undo and redo) were added in Pulse 5.2BETA3 @kwakugh :slight_smile:

That will also feature in the final 5.2 release!

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got it and it works…thank you

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