Text editor settings (Redactor)

Demonstration of how to set the Redactor in PulseCMS.
The behavior of the Redactor can be an unpleasant surprise.

    • Open the script: "admin / redactor / redactor_init.js". (ftp = edit)
    • Create a new test block (mytest.txt).
    • Edit "redactor_init.js" according to the documentation.
      Check the new setting in the "mytest.txt" block

Examples of settings:
paragraph: false,
replaceTags: false, // replace <i class = "fas fa-camera"> </i> with <em class = "fas fa-camera"> </em>
removeComments: false,
removeScript: false,
removeNewLines: true,

Question for Simonis
Can you use these settings in the PulseCMS installation package?

What is your opinion, what are your comments and ideas?


I agree this should be added. Will add those, unless we hear objections.

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