The page content editor is very frustrating

Is there any way to make the existing user page editor behave better? (I believe the editor is Redactor).

For example in cutting/copying and pasting from within the editor (user mode not html view), it throws a lot of extra html into the results. ie adds extra line breaks, makes all of the text bold, throws in random open and close tags etc.

I understand html fine and can go in and correct it but my end users won’t be able to.

At the moment I have a large site under development for a non-profit but I am getting really nervous about handing it over to the Office staff who will really quickly mess the content up with the current setup of the editor.

I need the editor to be rock solid and predictable. Is there another editor I can plugin or are there fixes for this unpredictable behavior of Redactor?

A solid editor is such an important fundamental part of any CMS.

Can anyone please help as I really like Pulse CMS otherwise and I have totally committed a lot of voluntary time to the site I am referring to.

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Thanks @BarryMac and you’re right about the pasting

For that we recommend “edit > paste&match style” as mentioned here:

That said, Pulse 5 has a new version of Redactor in it which addresses these problems and makes an even better content editor experience :slight_smile:

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I fully agree with the title of this post.
I wonder why Redactor has not implemented the “BEP” command.
It would be a retro typewriter.

Let’s go to the topic.
Check out the following websites:
To study the use of Redactor.

Replacing some files in Pulse, Pulse will not affect functionality.
You will surely know what to do about it. Here.

It is further suitable according to the documentation here, set Redactor.

Paste and set up suitable plugins for you.
Download from or

Also install the “undo” and “redo” plugins.
Register plugins in admin/index.php and admin/js/redactor/redactor_options.js.
Study, optionally modify redactor.js (not redactor.min.js).

Prepare manual for use Redactor.
Insert the manual link into admin/index.php.
Example of inserting a link, line 33.
The whole adjustment is possible in a version Pulse3.

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Thanks, Michael, I look forward to the launch of Pulse CMS 5 and will upgrade to it as soon as it’s available - I hope that’s going to be easy to update existing live sites already built with ver 4.x. I also hope it will keep to the estimated launch date mentioned of September this year. I had already made the changes you suggested, Michel (and searched the forums before asking for help), and unfortunately it didn’t cure the fundamental problems I mentioned.

I really appreciate your detailed and very helpful reply IvaRo, along with your great links. I’m sure it will help a lot of other people here as well as me. I’m going to research your suggestions and make some changes to get Redactor working well. I appreciate in-depth help like this on this forum.


Fixed in 5.0! :smiley::+1:

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