Theme uploader in Pulse 5.1

I seem to be using up all my support in a single month…but got lots of Pulse projects to do once issues are ironed out.

I decided to try the template theme uploading facility. Found that it did not work at all. There is an issue as I previously discussed with Michael in which the themes were not necessarily packaged properly, ie with a folder containing layout.php and associated CSS. Even then the associated graphics are often in the content folder which are a level above template, so theres that.

Or the template pack is essentially a whole site complete with content folder. So there’s that as well. Obvs you dont want to upload that, just the style package.

Even though I repackaged them so that the admin was getting what it expected, and it seemed to make sense to me, still the theme would not update.
So I shall go back to the old way for now and just replace the main layout in template.

Anyone else got it working, and with what themes?

Yes it has to be :slight_smile:

a) Pulse5 compatible theme
b) be zipped

We have more information on themes out later - but for now if manual upload is working then please use that.

This does work, but needs to be in the right format. So once we have more guidelines in place it will be easier to follow.

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