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I am trying to create a photography site with multiple galleries, where each gallery is represented by a thumbnail on an albums page. When the user clicks on the thumbnail for a specific album, the album page is loaded with all the thumbnails for that album. Is this possible with the current version of Pulse?

Album photos are stored in individual album folders under media, e.g. /media/album1/, /media/album2/ etc.

The question is: how does one place an individual album thumbnail link on the albums page to point to the gallery for that album?

An example of what I want to do (done with another no longer developed script) would be this: One difference from this example would be that the individual photos in each album are shown in a lightbox, preferably swipebox.

Sounds good!

Yes you can do that

Something like… make the individual gallery pages of thumbs as you have above and so they look something like

Then to link to each individual page with the media pop ups you need to create the navigation thumbs. For this you could use a static grid or try a Pulse plugin.

Something like Card Collection 2 by @Tarqez

But make such a grid without using the Media so you can add links.

Links from Media items will be coming in a future update.

Hope this helps!

Hi @intermedion,

I developed an improved version of floating-cards-2 plug-in where cards are clickable links to URLs of your choice.
This way you can easily reach your goal by setting those URLs to album pages, in turn, these album pages may contain new galleries.

My intentions are to sell this improved version but I can give it to you for free to test and get some feedback.

I want to thank Michael for mentioning me.

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Hi Tarqez,

That’s very kind of you, I’ll be happy to try it out.

Is it possible with these plugins to specify the width and height of the thumbs so that the image is cropped to the desired size, square or other?

Also, can the thumbs in the gallery be linked to the full size images so that they can be displayed in a light box, say photoswipe?

Hi @intermedion,

Answer 1
It is possible to set only the width, the height adapts according to the aspect ratio of the image. You can crop the image before uploading it by means of graphic software.

Answer 2
Not with my gallery plug-ins, the default gallery of Pulse ( should fit your case.


I am going to send you the plug-in by a private message.


Unzip and place the two files in your Pulse root respectively in

pulsate.php --> inc/plugins
g-floating-cards-2.php --> inc/tags


embed your galleries of photos with the tag


Replace galleryName with the name of the folder with images into. Set w to the width you want to give to the images, value+unit, if omitted it defaults to 250px.

Make images clickable

From the Pulse admin panel, in the caption area of the image, add anywhere an empty <a> element (I prefer at the end of the caption): <a href="" title =""></a>, set href and title attributes and be careful, must be empty, neither chars nor blanks between opening and closing <a></a> tags.

The image will behave like a link with attributes href and title, and in the caption you will not see that link.

If you need more help, please ask me.

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I think I’ll have to wait for a future release of Pulse. My images are different sizes and so I need to do a center crop for square thumbs, or other ratio, as needed.

Also, to make the images clickable via the Pulse admin panel is more work than I expected - I have hundreds of images on my site.

Perhaps a future release of Pulse will make these things easier.

Thank you for the tips.

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