Translation update of plugins for Redactor

Translation update of plugins for Redactor.
Fixed script is on:

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Thanks for the Dutch @IvaRoSoft
Was this from @Mary ?

Thanks for submitting :slight_smile:

I translated the Dutch translation myself.
I used my archive.
I rename the github file to “plugins.langs (full) .js”.
The script works great in other redactor installations.

Adwords translations for Redactor are not working properly.
Localhost: Firefox = ok, Chrome = false.
Web server: Firefox + Cchrome = false.

There are a few mistakes there:
localhost: overridden website address
“Http: // localhost / pulsecms51b1 / pulsecms51b1 / about”
Markdown text is not displayed correctly.

I will test the pulse, then write specifically.

Thanks - I’ll post here so we are not double-posting - but saw your GitHub comment also

  • Thanks for renaming
  • But not just renaming, the layout of the JS contents needs to be different as you can see by comparing files
  • We will need a native Dutch speaker to check your translation
  • Which is the “Adwords”? Can you let me know

I’m sorry to repeat this (:pray:) but please open up an issue for each and we’ll get through them. And it helps with examples or screens / links.

In this case, I’ll open them up and please fill in the details :slight_smile:

The “Redactor_3_langs” page on github has nothing to do with PulseCMS.
I used the old translations of the Redactor to translate the Dutch language.

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